Can You Take Light Bulbs On A Plane?

Last Updated on July 30, 2022

The Transportation Security Administration is in charge of airport security in the US. These are the people who will decide what you can or can’t take on a plane.

Here’s what their website says about packing light bulbs when you fly:

You can pack light bulbs in carry-on bags or checked bags without restriction. But the TSA officer on the ground always has the final say about what is permitted through the security checkpoint.

Still Unsure? Ask The TSA

If you feel your situation is a little different you can reach out to the TSA on Twitter and ask them directly.

For example, Lisa asked if she could bring a smart light bulb in her carry-on luggage:

The TSA replied, “A smart light bulb and remote are allowed in carry-on bags”.

And Chases wanted to bring an Edison bulb on the plane:

And he got the green light from the TSA.

The Takeaway

The TSA is a security agency so they are mainly worried about security threats.

In practice that means they are checked for liquids (find out why) and for weapons.

The TSA don’t consider light bulbs to be dangerous so you can pack them when you fly in either your carry-on bag or checked luggage.

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