Can You Bring LED Lights On A Plane? (TSA Rules)

Last Updated on July 29, 2022

LED lights have become popular in recent years.

But can you take them on a plane?

Let’s find out.

TSA Rules About LED Lights

The Transportation Security Administration runs the airport security checkpoint.

Here’s what they say about flying with LED lights.

You can pack LED lights in carry-on luggage or checked bags. There are no restrictions.

Still Unsure? Ask the TSA

If you have any questions about packing LED lights or anything else you can ask the TSA on Twitter for clarification.

Donald asked if small LED lights with installed lithium ion batteries are allowed in checked luggage:

The TSA replied that LED lights with installed lithium batteries are allowed in checked bags.

It’s only loose lithium batteries that are prohibited from checked baggage because of the fire risk.

The TSA let James know that LED lanterns are permitted to be packed in carry-on bags.

Alejandra wanted to pack LED string lights in a carry-on:

The TSA gave them the green light.

The Bottom Line

You can pack all types of LED lights in carry-on baggage or checked baggage.

There is nothing about LED lighting that the TSA finds dangerous and needs to restrict.

So whether it’s LED strip lights, LED bulbs, LED lamps or whichever type of light you have you can bring it on the plane!

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