About Me… I Try to Simplify Things and Travel Light to Make My Life Easier

That’s me. I’m James and I’m the editor, writer, illustrator, and designer of this website.

I make the tea as well.

I’m not a tidy person, I literally had to photoshop my underpants out of that image.

I like to think of myself as a relaxed, patient and easy-going person. I’m sure at times I am too easy-going and could benefit from being a bit more competitive.

I graduated undergraduate Psychology and I’m still very interested in how the mind works.

The danger with someone who proclaims “I don’t need to carry that” or “I’m not playing that game” is that they come across as smug.

Maybe I am smug…

But if my writing here on TravelingLight.com ever comes across as too preachy or self-helpy… the self that needs helping is usually me.

I try to simplify things and travel light to make my own life easier. I write and publish about it because I enjoy creative writing and hopefully I can earn some money through it.

And any sensible guy earns his living doing something that he enjoys.