Just So You Know... This Website Earns Money

I strive to write short, concise articles but that doesn't mean they are written quickly and effortlessly.

I invest a lot of my time and thought into my writing.

I'm not looking for your sympathy or anything like that.

I am obliged to tell you in the interests of clarity and openness... 

I sometimes earn money on this website by having affiliate relationships with some companies that I link to.

What that means is that if you click on a link here and subsequently buy something I might earn a referral commission.

There... you've been "in" "formed" — a thought has taken shape in your mind.

Hopefully you're cool with it but if not you don't need to read this site. That's okay too.

Whether you've read a post, clicked a link, or viewed an advert then I want to say thanks, it's very much appreciated.

Contact me and I'll thank you personally!

Oh and Amazon want me to say this:

Amazon Disclosure

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