Can You Bring Maple Syrup On A Plane?

Last Updated on December 2, 2021

Maple syrup is a great souvenir to bring home from a trip to Canada.

But can you pack maple syrup in carry-on bags or does it need to go in checked baggage?

Let’s have a look.

TSA Syrup Rules

The Transportation Security Administration will screen your bag at airport security.

Here’s what they say about packing maple syrup:

Maples syrup is considered a liquid by the TSA. You can bring maple syrup in carry-on bags in limited to containers that are 3.4 oz or less.

You can pack maple syrup in checked luggage without restriction.

Still Unsure? Ask The TSA

You can send the TSA a message on Twitter and they’ll respond.

Mellissa was pleased to notice that the TSA hadn’t taken her maple syrup from her checked bags.

But since maple syrup is permitted in checked suitcases there was never anything to worry about.

Well, I say nothing to worry about…

But look what happened to this passenger when she packed simple syrup in her hold luggage.

The TSA might inspect your luggage. If they do open your bottle of syrup hopefully they’ll screw the lid back on correctly!

Nate packed a large bottle of Autocrat coffee syrup in his checked baggage:

The TSA confirmed that coffee syrup would be fine to pack in checked baggage. But coffee syrups would need to be in travel-size containers for hand luggage.

Something happened to Michael’s pomegranate syrup when he packed it in his checked bag.

If you are only taking a small bottle under 3.4 oz your carry-on is the best place to pack it.

That way it won’t disappear if someone has their sticky fingers in your bag!

If 3.4 oz isn’t enough you can take multiple bottles. Decant your syrup into travel-size containers like these ones:

When Jose was flying someone removed a bottle of raspberry syrup and coffee beans from his bag.

Jose jumped to conclusions and assumed that the TSA did it. While it could have been a TSA employee it could also have been another airport baggage handler.

Those items were not confiscated. They were stolen!

Coffee beans are permitted to be packed in checked bags, and so is raspberry syrup.

Lauren wanted to bring an empty bottle of Hershey’s chocolate syrup on the plane.

You can pack empty bottles on the plane, even glass bottles. Only the chocolate syrup is restricted.

The reason syrups are restricted is that the TSA can’t tell from the scanners if it is really chocolate syrup. It could be a flammable liquid in disguise, and if that’s the case the TSA only wants passengers bringing small quantities onto the plane.

The Bottom Line

You can take maple syrup on a plane but only in travel size containers.

I know you are a lovely person that just wants to enjoy their pancakes with a little pancake syrup.

But the TSA can’t assume that.

So your syrups are treated like any other liquid and limited in quantity in hand luggage.

The only syrup that you can take on the plane in quantities greater than 3.4 oz is cough syrup. And that is only if it’s medically necessary. Remove any cough syrups from your carry-on and place them in a separate bin from screening.

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