Is A Hole Punched ID Still Valid?

Last Updated on October 18, 2021

The whole purpose of a hole punch in a drivers license is to invalidate it. A hole-punched driver’s license is no longer a valid driving license.

But can the card still be used as a form of photo ID?

Your hole-punched ID might still be valid as a form of identification depending on where you are trying to use it.

If you are trying to use it in a bar many bartenders won’t mind if it has been punched so long as they can still identify you and see that you are over age to buy alcohol.

You might struggle to use a punched ID to open a bank account though.

You can’t drive. But can you fly?

Traveling With A Hole Punched ID

In the past, the TSA had said on Twitter that hole punched IDs are invalid.

However, that Tweet seems to be out of date.

More recent information indicates that the TSA will accept an ID even if it has a hole punch.

Government-issued IDs that have been expired for less than one year are still valid identification at the checkpoint for domestic travel within the U.S.

Hole punched IDs are accepted as long as all your personal information is still visible.

The Verdict

A punched license is no longer valid to drive with but you can fly with it!

You can still use a voided driving license as valid ID when flying with the TSA.

Whether or not other places will accept it as ID will depend on the individual you are dealing with.

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