Can You Bring Condoms On A Plane?

Last Updated on August 9, 2022

It’s always better to check what you can and can’t take through airport security.

Today’s common packing item is no different, you are correct to seek advice.

Whether you are planning a romantic getaway, forbidden tryst or you’re just feeling lucky, you need to know what you are able to pack in your holiday travel bag.

So, let’s find out if you can bring those ‘love socks’ on board.

TSA Condom Regulations

The TSA doesn’t provide an answer about condoms on their website. Anywhere. So there are no specific TSA condom regulations. That’s strange because it is a frequently asked question.

I think maybe people wonder about traveling with condoms because they are lubricated, but the amount of lubricant in condoms is so small that the TSA is not concerned about it.

But it’s actually a good sign that condoms aren’t mentioned. It means there are no limits on carrying condoms when you fly.

So Yes! You can take condoms on a plane in your hand luggage. They’re fine.

Actually, it’s a free-for-all! You can pack condoms in your carry-on suitcase, you can put them in your personal item or handbag, and you can also pack condoms in your checked luggage too.

You could literally fly with a checked bag full of condoms, a carry-on full of condoms and a small personal bag full of condoms too… and the TSA would not stop you getting on that plane.

Hopefully, that puts your mind at rest.

If in doubt, you can always use the @askTSA service on twitter to get answers to specific questions. You are not the first person to wonder if you can take condoms into the aircraft cabin.

Here Are a Few Twitter Users Asking The TSA About Flying With Condoms.

@girlsgirlsgirls wanted to know if there was any limits in the quantity of condoms they could pack in their carry-on. And the TSA were there to reassure that the fun wouldn’t need to stop early:

So if you are wondering how many condoms you can take…

Take as many as you like! Bring a box full if you want!

And @elegyVGC asked the TSA if condoms could be brought in checked luggage and the answer was yes:

The @AskTSA service also advised that you can ask for a private security screening if you are a little shy about your jumbo 100 value pack.

So you have been warned, the TSA can randomly ask to search your bag at any time to check for restricted items. But your condoms won’t set off any alarms!

And lastly, here was a party that I was sad to miss out on:

This time @AskTSA recommended packing the “fun-filled” Trump Piñata in checked luggage. But that was because of the lube, which brings us to our next section…

Can You Bring Lube On A Plane?

When it comes to personal lubricant the rules are not so simple.

All liquids including lube are subject to the 3-1-1 rule. This means that you can only bring lube in 3.4 oz bottles or containers. And that all your liquids, shampoo, shower gel etc need to be packed in 1 quart-sized transparent bag. And that you are only allowed 1 transparent bag per person.

Some people are fine with having it on display:

If you don’t have enough “BDE” then I suggest flying with a lube that has a discreet label or transferring lube into an unmarked container like these ones:

You could fill one of these bottles with a personal lubricant and nobody would see what it was.

Flying With Condoms – Pro Tip

I’ve discovered it’s actually probably better to pack condoms in your hand luggage.

No, not in case you want to join the mile high club!

The temperature of a plane’s cargo hold can change over the course of a flight. In comparison, the temperature of the cabin is strictly regulated throughout the flight.

Condoms don’t respond well to changes in temperature and so it’s safer to keep them in your hand luggage where the temperature will be maintained.

No need to panic. Condoms shouldn’t be stored anywhere above 100 Fahrenheit or below 30 Fahrenheit. And most planes cargo hold area is controlled at 44 Fahrenheit during flight.

There may be times when the plane is on the tarmac during loading or unloading that the hold area temperature goes out of the safe range for condom storage.

Incidentally, that’s also the reason why it’s not a great idea to keep condoms in your wallet. The temperature inside pockets is often a little too high and can affect the quality of the condom over time. So it’s never a good idea to carry condoms in your pocket whether you are flying or not.

What Isn’t Allowed On A Plane?

The Transport Security Administration is there to mainly stop dangerous items getting on planes.

Liquids and gels are restricted because they can be used to build explosives. Weapons or anything that could be used as a makeshift weapon are restricted to stop people attempting to take control of the aircraft mid-flight.

Simply put, condoms are not restricted on flights because the TSA isn’t worried that you are going to use a condom to hijack a plane 🙂

And while you could blow one up and make it pop it wouldn’t cause a significant explosion even if you might scare the person in the seat next to you!

In fact, many men will tell you that condoms actually reduce the chance of explosions. They also reduce the chances of unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases so be sure to pack some in your suitcase if you think you’ll need them.

The Verdict

Flying with condoms shouldn’t present any particular difficulties. The same is true whether you are flying on domestic or international airlines. No country would put a ban on flying with condoms, and even the Vatican City State is too small to have an airport.

Enjoy your next flight and make sure to add condoms to your packing list!

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