Tsa PreCheck For Kids: Do Children Need Pre Check If Traveling With An Adult?

Last Updated on March 28, 2021

Standing in line at airport security is a drag, so is taking off your shoes and belt and removing your laptop and liquids from your carry-on bag.

If you’re one of the good guys the Transportation Security Administration can take that pain away for you for a small fee.

But can you bring your kids with you through the PreCheck fast lane? Or should you leave them at home with a sitter? 🙂

Let’s take a look at the rules.

If I Have TSA PreCheck Does My Child Need It?

Children aged 12 and under can accompany you through airport security using the PreCheck lane.

This allowance does not extend to all minors.

Travelers 13 and older must go through standard security screening if they don’t have TSA PRE printed on their boarding pass.

Kids of all ages can apply for TSA PreCheck but unless your child under 12 flies as an unaccompanied minor then there is no reason to apply.

Children 13 and over will have to pay the $85 TSA Pre✓® application fee or use the slow lane.

Here is the TSA confirming the rules to Karen on Twitter.

Travis was concerned because his kids boarding cards didn’t show the PreCheck stamp.

It’s not necessary for your children to have the indicator in their boarding pass so long as they are under 12 and you accompany them through the PreCheck lane.

Do Kids Need Global Entry?

traveling with a parent or guardian does not

If I Have TSA PreCheck Can My Family Go Through With Me?

If you have PreCheck on your boarding card you can bring kids under 12 through the PreCheck expedited lane with you.

You can’t bring any minors over 13, your husband, wife, spouse, or other members of your family through the PreCheck lane based on your trusted traveler status. And you can’t use your known traveler number to book their tickets.

That said, occasionally the airline will choose to print TSA PRE on your partner’s boarding pass even if they are not a member of PreCheck. So make sure you check the boarding pass of your family members to see if they have been upgraded.

Any traveler over the age of 13 that does not have TSA PRE, TSAPRECHK, or TSA Pre✓® printed on their boarding pass must use the standard security lanes.

The Verdict

If you have TSA PreCheck you can bring kids under 12 through the PreCheck lane with you. In fact, traveling with kids is one of the main reasons to get TSA PreCheck!

Nobody likes standing in lines but it can be especially difficult for younger kids who don’t understand why they can’t just run off and play.

Most passengers with TSA PreCheck get through security in under 5 minutes. This won’t get you to your ultimate destination any faster but it can make your and your kids experience at the airport run a whole lot smoother.

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