How To Add TSA PreCheck KTN or Global Entry PASSID To American Airlines

Last Updated on July 31, 2022

TSA agents won’t let you into the TSA PreCheck line unless they see the PreCheck label on your boarding pass.

You don’t receive a TSA PreCheck membership card. Your boarding pass must show the TSA PreCheck indicator.

To get the PreCheck stamp you need to have a TSA PreCheck known traveler number (KTN) or a TSA Global Entry PASS ID number and you need to add this number to your reservation.

If you are a member of American Airlines AAdvantage frequent flyer program you can add your KTN to your AAdvantage account and it will automatically be added to every reservation you make with AA.

However, if you are not an AAdvantage member you’ll need to add your PASS ID or KTN every time you make a reservation online.

How To Add Your TSA PreCheck KTN To Your AAdvantage Account

If you have an AAdvantage account it’s best to add your TSA PreCheck number to the account so that it will automatically be applied to future reservations.

  • Log in to your AAvantage account
  • Go to “Your Account” and then “Information and password”
  • Go to the “Secure traveler” section and write either your Global Entry PASSID or your TSA Precheck KTN in the “Known Traveler Number” field

The TSA PreCheck indictor should now automatically show on any boarding pass for any reservation you make with American Airlines.

If you are not an AAdvantage member you need to provide your KTN with every reservation that you make.

If the TSA PreCheck indicator is not showing on your boarding pass it could that there is a mistake in your personal details.

Your name and date of birth on your reservation must exactly match what the TSA has on file for you. If you signed up to PreCheck using a middle name you must use that middle name on your flight reservation. If there is an error it will not show. Also double check that your KTN has been entered correctly.

If you made a flight reservation via a travel agency the name, DOB, and KTN that you provided to the agency will override anything that AA has on file for you. So any mistakes with the travel agent will prevent the TSA PreCheck status indicator from showing on your boarding passes.

How To Add TSA PreCheck To An Existing Reservation With American Airlines

The best time to add your known traveler number is during the initial booking process.

But if you forget you can add your KTB to existing reservation after booking so long as you have not checked in already.

  • Log in to AA and go to “Manage Trip”
  • Go to Add/Edit Passenger Information
  • Add your TSA PreCheck KTN

When you check-in your your boarding pass is created the TSA indicator should now show.

If you have already checked in to your flight your best option is to contact American Airlines.

Phoning customer services can be a frustrating experience.

Tina tried that and after waiting on hold for a long time the person they spoke to didn’t know how to help them and suggested she ask for help at the airport.

Natalie was waiting on hold for over an hour when she had the idea to contact the AA social media team.

You just need to write a Tweet addressing @americanair like Mike did:

In this case it only took 6 minutes for them to fix the problem after the wrote them a direct message (DM) on Twitter and told them his record locator and KTN.

The Verdict

Add your TSA PreCheck KTN to your American Airlines AAdvantage account so it will automatically be added to every future reservation.

If you don’t have an AAdvantage account you’ll need to remember to add the KTN every time you make a reservation.

If you have an existing reservation you can log in, go to “Manage Trip”, “Add/Edit Passenger Information” and add the KTN there.

It’s when you check-in that the boarding pass is created. If you’ve already checked in and the PreCheck status indicator is missing then it could be a problem with your name, date of birth, or KTN not exactly matching what the Transportation Security Administration has on your PreCheck file.

Contact American Airlines visa Twitter to get them to add PreCheck to an existing reservation if you have already checked-in.

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