What Is The Holiday Inn Check-In Age Requirement?

Last Updated on February 16, 2022

So you are interested in staying at the Holiday Inn but need to know if they have a minimum age policy.

Some hotels require you to be 18 years plus and others set a minimum check-in age of 21.

You might expect that Holiday Inn would have a standard minimum age policy across all their hotels.

But you’d be wrong.

This post will help you find a Holiday Inn suitable for your age.

Why Holiday Inn Doesn’t Have A Standard Check-In Age Policy

There is no standard Holiday Inn age requirement that applies to all their locations.

The Holiday Inn brand is a franchise run by IHG and most hotels are independently owned. Individual hotels set their own age requirements depending on their location.

Some Holiday Inn hotels in party locations don’t want to cater to young travelers.

Young people are sometimes seen as a risk because drunken guests might cause damage to the hotel room or disturb other guests.

Also, if the hotel serves alcohol or has a minibar in the hotel room then that creates problems because of the minimum legal drinking age laws.

It’s easier for the hotel to simply not have any guests under the age of 21.

How To Find A Holiday Inn or Holiday Inn Express For Your Age

How old you need to be will depend on the specific hotel you are staying at.

Booking.com provides the Holiday Inn age limit in their “house rules” section. Unfortunately, they don’t let you filter the Booking.com search results by a minimum age.

But you can perform a nifty google search to find Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express hotels that have the right age requirements for you.

Here are the advanced search queries that you need to use in Google.

For Holiday Inn hotels with no age requirements:

site:https://www.booking.com/hotel/us/ “holiday inn” “There is no age requirement for check-in”

For Holiday Inn hotels where the minimum age requirement is 18:

site:https://www.booking.com/hotel/us/ “holiday inn” “The minimum age for check-in is 18″

For Holiday Inn hotels where you need to be 21 to check in:

site:https://www.booking.com/hotel/us/ “holiday inn” “The minimum age for check-in is 21”

You simply need to add the city that you want to stay in to the google search query to see if there are any Holiday Inn locations with the minimum age for check-in that you require.

For example, this search query checks for Holiday Inn hotels in New York with a minimum check in age of 18:

site:https://www.booking.com/hotel/us/ “new york” “holiday inn” “The minimum age for check-in is 18”

Good luck in your search and have a good trip!

If you can’t find a Holiday Inn that is suitable then try Motel 6 or consider staying at a hostel.

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