Simple Health Advice

Health & Nutrition is one of these topics that’s gotten out of control.

There’s been an explosion of advice articles online. Anyone can be an internet health guru now.

Everyone is telling you…

  • Take this supplement.
  • Eat this
  • Eating x will cure y

And it’s usually apple cider vinegar or coconut oil!

There is an epidemic of wild, exaggerated claims about foods and supplements. And vulnerable people fall victim all the time.

Who hasn’t been taken in by the snake-oil salesman?

Don’t get me started on superfoods. One minute something is bad for you. The next minute it’s good for you.

A few months later a new scientific study announces “up” is the new “down”, and “down” is the new “up”.

Google in its algorithmic wisdom puts fake “doctors” right near the top of the search results. Get yourself a quick Ph.D. in Basket Weaving from an online “university” and tomorrow you’re Dr. Feelgood.

Simple Solutions

Our health is so precious that if things start to go downhill we will do anything for a cure.

But often the solution to health problems comes from not doing.

There is no sense in searching for the antidote if you are still consuming the poison.

I am a big believer in trained medical professionals. The achievements of 21st century medicine are incredible but physicians are experts in pathology and pharmacology. That’s what they train for.

Many of the biggest diseases of modern civilization are lifestyle related. For example:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Cancer
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Respiratory disease 
  • Liver disease

So my approach to health is to focus on removing the lifestyle causes of these types of health problems.

  • Eating too much and too frequently
  • Sedentary living
  • Tobacco Addiction
  • Alcohol misuse
  • Drug misuse
  • Social Isolation
  • Air pollution
  • Internet Addiction
  • Lack of presence and intentionality
  • Fear of the future
  • Attachment to the past

I am not a doctor. I struggle with many health issues. That last list reading like a list of MY problems!

But I'm working on it! There are born of personal experience: