Simple Fitness Advice

Body-weight exercises are a great way to train for strength.

They are ideal not only for light travelers but also for people that value simplicity in their life.

A trip to the gym can involve:

  1. Get your gym bag and gear ready
  2. Getting in the car and navigating the traffic
  3. Finding a parking space
  4. Getting changed in the locker room
  5. Finally hitting the machines
  6. Back to the locker room
  7. Driving home

The whole task usually takes a fair chunk of time. Or you could just drop and give me 20 right now! Without any equipment.

Here are the posts I've written so far on body-weight training:

This is an area where just beginning to learn about. I like Matt Schifferle's approach and I'm reading his book.

He seems to me to have distilled the essentials and actively preaches keeping it simple. That's a true traveling light philosophy.

Gaining strength couldn't be that simple... could it?