Can You Listen To Spotify On A Plane?

Last Updated on February 7, 2022

One of the best ways to pass the time on a flight is to listen to some of your favorite music.

These days many people use music streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Tidal, or Deezer.

But can you listen to music using the Spotify app on a plane?

Let’s find out.

How To Listen To Spotify Music On Airplane Mode Without Wifi

You can listen to music on airplane mode if you have Spotify Premium. You simply need to go to your library and enable offline mode.

You can cancel Spotify anytime so you could sign up just for one month so that you’ll be able to use Spotify Premium to listen to music during your flight.

How To Listen To Spotify On An Airplane Without Premium

Connect To The Airplane Wifi

Of course, if you have an internet connection you can stream music using the free Spotify version.

You cannot use cellular data while on the flight. You must set your phone to airplane mode before takeoff.

That means the only way you are getting an internet connection during your flight is if you can connect to the in-flight wi-fi.

Some airlines such as JetBlue offer free internet access to all passengers.

Other airlines charge a fee.

Download Spotify Songs Using A 3rd Party Music Converter

You can’t listen to Spotify on a plane without a premium subscription or connecting to the in-flight wi-fi.

However, you can use a music converter app on your Windows or macOS desktop to convert your Spotify playlists to mp3 format.

You can then transfer these files to your cell phone to listen anytime without an internet connection.

The Bottom Line

To listen to Spotify on the plane you have two choices. You can upgrade to premium and enable offline mode or you can connect to the plane wi-fi.

Failing that you’ll need to transfer some mp3 files to your cell phone and listen with an app like VLC player.

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