Can You Bring Weed On A Plane? (TSA Marijuana Rules)

Last Updated on March 30, 2021

So you are thinking of flying with cannabis and are wondering “can you bring pot on a plane?”

Well you can…

But is it a good idea and what might the consequences be?

That’s a much more difficult question to answer.

But let’s give it a go and see if flying with weed is allowed, advisable, and how to get weed through the airport if you are going to try to do it.

TSA Marijuana Rules

In the United States, the Transportation Security Administration is tasked with keeping flights safe for passengers. They were set up to protect against potential threats to aviation and passengers.

And let’s be clear. Your little doobie isn’t a potential security threat that TSA agents should be concerned about.

When TSA security officers search carry-on bags at airport security they are firstly looking for weapons that could be used to wreak havoc on the plane.

And they are also looking for liquids in large quantities because liquids can be flammable and make planes fall out of the sky.

So… The TSA are not specifically looking for weed. Sounds good right?

But there’s one small catch…

If the TSA finds any marijuana in your carry-on or checked bag they will report it to the local law enforcement.

That’s because weed is still illegal under federal law.

Crucially airports operate under federal authority, no matter what state you are in. The TSA have a duty to report any federal crime to a local law enforcement officer.

For the TSA, it doesn’t matter where you are flying from or where you are flying to. They will report you if they find weed in your luggage.

Flying With Weed In Carry On Luggage

Beezy was flying with weed within California state and assumed it would be fine…

But the TSA advised her that “travelers must comply with federal law” when flying with marijuana and cannibis-infused products. And just to be clear, I’ll say it again, federal law says no!

Bringing Weed On A Plane In Checked Baggage

You don’t want to end up like D’Angelo Russell who got busted by the port authority for possession after they got a call from the TSA.

If it can happen to the rich and famous it can happen to you!

He packed some pot in his checked luggage inside a fake Arizona Iced Tea can.

These fake containers are probably the worst place to try to sneak weed on a plane because the TSA officers will be familiar with them and be compelled to check what is hiding inside.

Someone tried to hide this hash in a shampoo bottle in checked baggage. If the TSA see anything strange looking they will investigate, not because they are looking for dope, but because it might be something more sinister.

Unfortunately, once they discover drugs they have a duty to report them to the police.

Bringing Medical Marijuana On An Airplane

The TSA has this information posted on their website about flying with medical marijuana on a plane.

At first it seems that you can bring marijuana on a plane.

But the special instructions say “no more than 0.3 percent THC”. THC is the active ingredient. So while some CBD oil with very low amounts of THC might be permitted weed is not allowed on planes even if it’s medical weed!

A lot of people assume that they can bring medical marijuana on a plane. That’s incorrect!

Now suppose the TSA catch you trying to fly with weed. They refer you to the local law. State law allows you to be in possession so maybe they don’t charge you.

You then try to board your flight again.

TSA check your bag and report you to the law again.

You are caught in an infinite loop 🙂

Until you get rid of your weed you are not getting through security because as far as the TSA is concerned it’s always illegal!

Screw The Consequences

Flying with weed is illegal even if it is legal in the state you depart from or your destination state.

But I know some readers still want to know how to sneak weed through airport security onto a plane.

I’m now going to talk about best way to fly with weed if you’re going to do it anyway.

But I want to be clear that I think it’s a dumb idea and my advice is to not pack cannabis in your luggage even in states where it has been legalized.

Don’t Attract Attention

For a start, it’s probably best not to wear that “legalize it” t-shirt when going through the screening procedures. Don’t dress like someone likely to be packing cannabis in their luggage.

Not every TSA officer will be sympathetic to weed. They are not trained to look for it but if your TSA officer is anti-weed for whatever reason he might just keep his eyes open for it. If even just to piss off a few hippies.

The TSA don’t search all bags. They only search luggage when they see something that is out of the ordinary.

You need to make sure you don’t give the TSA any reason to search your luggage. Be very familiar with what you can and can’t bring on planes.

Make sure you remove any electronics and place them in a separate bin when going through the x-ray machine.

Make sure any liquids are packed in your clear plastic quart-sized bag.

Any container of power over 12 oz should be removed from your bag for additional screening. Even if it’s only instant coffee.

Don’t carry any toy guns or anything that looks suspiciously like a weapon. Don’t carry anything too heavy that could be used to bludgeon someone. Make sure you don’t have any knives or anything with sharp blades in your carry-on.

Your luggage should be clean as a whistle so you don’t give airport security any reason to open it for inspection.

Never pack a vape pen or a weed vaporizer in checked luggage. Lithium batteries are not allowed in checked bags and will attract attention. Any batteries should be packed in carry-on bags.

If you do pack cannabis in your luggage make sure it’s small amounts. You might still miss your flight and need to deal with the local police but you might have a chance of them being lenient with you if you are only in possession of a small amount for recreational use.

Illicit drug trafficking is serious, so don’t try to smuggle weed.

This Post Is Roached!

I wish I could tell you something different but my advice is not to try flying with pot.

Bringing weed on a plane simply isn’t worth the risk. Sure, you might not end up in a prison cell but do you really want the hassle?

Getting caught is going to put a real dampener on your travel plans.

If you are flying to a legal state think about how you can buy some weed when you reach your destination.

And if you are flying to an illegal state then I’m sure you can find a way to get some if you really want to.

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