Can You Bring Shampoo In Checked Luggage?

Last Updated on February 20, 2021

Travel size shampoo bottles don’t last very long, especially if you have long hair.

So you find yourself asking… “can you bring shampoo in checked luggage?”

This little post has the answers you need.

TSA Shampoo Rules For Checked Bags

Here is a screengrab from the transportation security administration:

It’s quite clear that you can bring shampoo in your checked bag.

The final decision rests with the TSA officer but they shouldn’t have any problems with you packing shampoo or other liquid toiletries like conditioner in your checked bag.

It’s not required but it might be best to pack your shampoo in a plastic bag in case the bottle leaks.

Unlike carry-on bags, there is no limit to how much liquids you can pack in your hold luggage. You can go ahead and fill your entire suitcase with shampoo if you want.

Keep in mind that liquids are heavy and your airline might have a weight limit for your checked bag.

Dry Shampoo In Checked Bags

You can also pack dry shampoo in checked bags:

Even though dry shampoo is an aerosol it’s a toiletry so you are permitted to bring it in your hold luggage. The same goes for your hairspray.

Other non-toiltery aerosols are prohibited from checked luggage.

Should You Pack Shampoo In Your Checked Bag?

Even though it’s permitted to pack shampoo in your checked luggage we don’t recommend it.

Large bottles of shampoo are heavy.

While you might pack your shampoo safely the TSA officer who inspects your case mind not repack everything with the same care.

Check this nice little verse from Pelvis Costello:

It’s much better to use a travel size shampoo if you can manage to do it. When your shampoo is packed in your carry-on you can keep an eye on it.

The Verdict

You can pack shampoo in your checked baggage if you want. The TSA will not stop you and it’s perfectly legal.

Liquids are not restricted in hold luggage unless they are flammable.

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