Can You Bring Scissors On A Plane? The TSA Rules Explained

Last Updated on April 15, 2020

Scissors are sharp and pointy and they could potentially be used as a weapon.

So it’s sensible to ask yourself… can you bring scissors on a plane in your carry on or checked baggage?

This post is all about flying with scissors. Read on to find out if scissors are allowed on planes.

TSA Scissors Rules

Here is a screengrab from the TSA website:

It seems pretty straightforward…

Scissors In Checked Luggage

You can pack any scissors you want in checked luggage, just make sure that they are wrapped up well and no baggage handlers will injure themselves if they are inspecting your suitcase.

As an example here is a passenger asking about taking veterinarian scissors in checked bags on Twitter.

The TSA answer is quite clear that all types of scissors should be allowed in hold luggage.

It’s scissors in hand luggage that is a little more complicated.

Scissors In Carry-On Luggage

Scissors in hand luggage cannot have blades that are longer than 4 inches. You can take scissors in your carry on if the blades are smaller than 4 inches as measured from the pivot point.

TSA Approved Carry On Scissors

So it’s all about blade length.

This means that Christina was able to take her small thread cutting scissors:

Christine was allowed to take her cuticle trimmers and brow tweezers:

Bernie discovered that multitools with scissors are only allowed if the multitool has no blade:

Bran would have been happy to discover he could take his medical scissors:

These child safety scissors were given the green light:

Mellisa wanted to know if haircutting scissors were ok to take in her carry on:

Hmm… those hair cutting scissors seem quite big. Better get the measuring tape out Melissa!

The Verdict

You get the idea.

There are no officially TSA approved scissors. It’s all about blade length.

Small scissors are fine to take in your hand luggage, scissors with long blades are not.

If you turn up at the security checkpoint and your scissors are too big they will be confiscated by the TSA officer.

Sometimes you just need to measure your scissors before you fly and see if they are going to be allowed past security.

That’s all there is to it! Have a safe flight!

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