Can You Bring Honey On A Plane? (TSA Rules)

Last Updated on November 16, 2021

Honey isn’t considered to be a dangerous substance.

So can you bring honey on a plane in your carry-on bags? Or does honey need to be packed in checked luggage?

Let’s see what the buzz is.

TSA Honey Rules

The Transportation Security Administration are those sweet folks that run the airport security checkpoint.

It’s their job to make sure dangerous items don’t get on to planes.

The TSA has an issue with travelers bringing liquids into the cabin of the plane.


Is Honey Considered A Liquid?

Yes. Honey is considered a liquid by the TSA.

Here is what they say on their website:

You can only bring honey on a plane in carry-on luggage if the containers are 3.4 oz or less. The honey is treated like any liquid and needs to be packed in your quart-size bag.

Flying With Honey Internationally

Those are the rules for domestic flights. If you are traveling internationally you’ll also need to double-check the customs rules of your destination country.

Of course, if you eat the honey on the plane it will never arrive.

You can bring small amounts of honey back into the United States for personal use.

How To Get Honey Through Airport Security

If you really want to fly with honey in your hand luggage there are some ways if you get creative.

You can pack honey in checked baggage without quantity restrictions, but checked bags are expensive and that’s boring.

Remember that you could split a large bottle or jar of honey into smaller containers like these ones.

You can pack as many little travel-size bottles of honey as you can fit in your plastic Ziploc bag. So if you throw out the other toiletries you can fill your bag with honey.

It’s only liquid honey that is limited, solid honey isn’t.

How do you make solid honey?

You freeze it!

You need to make sure that the honey is still frozen solid when you reach the checkpoint. Dry ice might help, or maybe icepacks would work.

Also, think about why you wanted to take the honey. Was it just to spread on toast?

Honey flying solo is considered a liquid. Honey that is a part of a solid dish is permitted.

So honey-filled donuts can be packed in hand luggage without restriction. If you bake your own honey-filled buns… they are considered to be solid.

Or put it another way. If your container for the honey is a food, then overall it’s considered a solid food and the TSA will let it pass.

I don’t make any promises though. The TSA officer that screens your luggage at the checkpoint will make the final decision.

The Verdict

Honey at room temperature is a liquid and restricted in hand luggage.

You can only bring containers that are 3.4 oz and must pack any liquids in your clear plastic toiletries bag.

You can pack honey in checked luggage, but to pay for a checked bag only to bring honey is expensive.

There are some creative ways to bring honey on a plane if you feel like trying.

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