Can You Bring Champagne On A Plane?

Last Updated on October 12, 2022

Key Takeaways

  • You can pack champagne or sparkling wine in checked luggage, don’t worry it won’t explode
  • There’s no limit to how much champagne you can pack in checked luggage but keep an eye on your airlines weight limit for checked bags
  • If you purchase champagne after airport security you can carry it on to the plane in hand luggage
  • You cannot bring champagne through airport security unless you decant a small amount into a 3.4 oz bottle

Vacations are often a time for celebrations and of course the perfect celebratory drink is champage.

But should you pack champagne in a checked bag or can you carry it on the plane?

Let’s find out.

TSA Champagne Rules

The Transportation Security Administration screen both carry-on luggage and checked luggage. Any prohibited items will need to be removed before your bag can get on the plane.

The TSA doesn’t specifically mention champagne on their website.

But they do answer questions about flying with champagne on Twitter.

Myra asked about bringing a bottle of champagne in her carry-on luggage:

Since champagne is a liquid you can only bring bottles that are smaller than 3.4 oz or 100 ml through airport security.

Even a mini champagne bottle is 200 ml so you effectively cannot bring champagne through airport security unless you decant a small amount into a bottle small travel size bottle.

What you can do is purchase a bottle of champagne after airport security at duty free and carry that bottle on the plane.

It’s bringing the liquid through the security checkpoint that is the problem.

The TSA isn’t concerned about the bottle, and in fact you can bring an empty bottle of champagne on a plane through security.

For most people it makes more sense to pack champagne in checked luggage.

Amy asked about packing champagne in her checked baggage:

Because champagne is typically only 12% alcohol by volume there are no quantity restrictions on how much champagne you can pack in checked luggage.

You should wrap your champagne bottle carefully. Bubble wrap is a good idea.

But be aware, there is always a chance that valuable items can be lost, damaged, or even stolen when packed in checked luggage.

Also checked luggage usually has weight restrictions so make sure you weigh your suitcase and make sure you won’t be penalized for going overweight.

If you are transporting a lot of champagne it might be a better idea to ship it rather than pack it in your checked luggage.

But I know what you are thinking…

Will champagne explode in checked luggage?

The aircraft cargo hold is pressurized to the same level as the cabin.

And you know what they serve in first class?

That’s right champagne!

Champagne packed in checked luggage will not explode. While the atmospheric pressure does change slightly during a flight it’s not enough to cause champagne bottles to explode.

The biggest danger when packing champagne is checked bags isn’t that it will explode. It’s that the baggage handlers will throw your luggage around leading to breakages.

Drinking Your Own Champagne During A Flight

You can bring champagne flutes or other glassware in hand luggage.

But with the exception of JetBlue most airlines will not permit you to drink your own alcoholic beverages on flights.

Champagne and International Flights

If you are bringing champagne on an international flight make sure you check the customs rules of your destination country.

Most destinations will allow you to bring champagne into the country but if you exceed quantity limits you might have to pay import duty.

The Bottom Line

If you want to bring a full size bottle of champagne on a flight in your carry-on luggage you’ll need to purchase it after airport security at duty free.

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