Can You Bring An Extension Cord On A Plane?

Last Updated on September 11, 2022

Key Takeaways

  • According to the TSA, extension cords are permitted in both carry-on luggage and checked luggage
  • Ask the flight attendant for permission if you intend to use an extension cord during a flight

TSA Extension Cord Rules

The Transportation Security Administration makes sure dangerous items are not brought on to planes.

Here’s what they say about flying with extension cords:

You can bring an extension cords, electrical wires, or power strips in carry-on bags.

The same goes for laptop chargers or cell phone chargers. Electronic cables are not prohibited items and you don’t have to take out cables and chargers when going through the airport security checkpoint.

The TSA does not view extension cords to be dangerous items so places no restrictions on how or where passengers pack them.

So you can also pack extension cords in checked baggage.

The one thing to keep in mind is that checked luggage can sometimes be lost in transit.

Also items packed in checked luggage are at a greater risk of damage or theft.

Pack expensive power strips or cables in hand luggage where possible to minimise risk.

The same advice applies to any valuable devices or fragile electronics items. It’s better to pack them in hand luggage rather than checked bags.

Their are usually weight limits in checked luggage too and long extension cords can be heavy. On the other hand, most airlines in the US don’t have weight limits for carry-on luggage provided that you are physically able to lift your bag into the overhead bin.

For a good lightweight travel extension cord that also has usb ports I recommend this product from Anker:

It’s very easy to pack because it takes up less space in your hand luggage and it offers high speed charging for usb devices like cell phones and tablets.

Can You Use An Extension Cord During A Flight?

Your first problem will be finding an available outlet on the flight. Not all plane seats have outlets.

I wouldn’t use an extension cord on a flight without asking the flight attendant first. You will almost certainly not be permitted to use an extension cord during take off or landing since it could potentially be an obstruction during an emergency evacuation.

If you need to charge multiple electronic devices simultaneously a power bank is usually a more reliable option to take on the plane but size limits apply to taking power banks on to planes

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