Can You Bring A Rolling Pin On A Plane?

Last Updated on September 6, 2022

Key Takeaways

  • A rolling pin is considered to be a potential weapon by the TSA
  • You cannot bring weapons, replica weapons, or makeshift weapons on a plane in your hand luggage
  • Some objects that can be used as a rolling pin ARE allowed in hand luggage

TSA Rolling Pin Rules

The Transportation Security Administration doesn’t specifically mention rolling pins on their website.

So I checked Twitter to find out the answer to this question.

Beth had already asked if she could bring a rolling pin in her carry-on bag:

The TSA replied that “rolling pins must be packed in checked bags”.

If doesn’t matter if your rolling pin is wooden, made from aluminum, silicon or marble. The answer is always the same, rolling pins can only be packed in checked baggage.

Anything that can potentially be used as a bludgeon in theory won’t be permitted in hand luggage. Weight is a factor but also the shape of the object. A rolling pin is perfectly shaped for whacking people on the head, so even a lightweight rolling pin won’t be allowed in the cabin.

Should you arrive at the airport security checkpoint with a rolling pin in your carry-on luggage it will be noticed by the TSA agents when they look at the x-ray screen.

They will inspect your bag and this will cause delays.

One popular alternative to a rolling pin is to use a wine bottle.

Current TSA rules do allow you to bring an empty wine bottle on a plane in hand luggage:

Other people say that they can use a melon as a rolling pin alternative.

And melons are permitted through airport security:

Will a little creative thinking and perhaps some experimentation before your flight you should be able to bring some type of rolling pin alternative in your hand luggage. Just not an actual rolling pin!

While the final decision is always taken by the individual TSA agent that inspects your luggage you can be pretty sure they will ask you to surrender your rolling pin but an empty wine bottle might be allowed through.

If only a real rolling pin will do consider shipping your rolling pin to your destination or buying one locally. It will probably be cheaper than paying the fees for checked luggage.

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