Can You Bring A Ring Light On A Plane? (TSA Rules)

Last Updated on July 29, 2022

Passengers are increasingly flying with lighting equipment or camera equipment.

But how should you pack a ring light for your next flight?

There are two things to think about.

First, their are TSA rules about what you can pack in your suitcase.

And second, your airline will have rules about the size and weight of luggage you can travel with.

Let’s shed some light on the topic.

TSA Ring Light Rules

The Transportation Security Administration doesn’t specifically mention whether you can take a ring light on the plane on their website.

The closest item they talk about are LED lights. Here is a screen grab that shows that rule:

To get clearer information about flying with ring lights and taking them through airport security I checked if the question had been asked already on Twitter.

Holly had asked if she could bring a ring light in carry-on luggage or if it needed to be packed in a checked bag:

The TSA answered, “Generally, a ring light is allowed in carry-on bags. Pls note however that even if an item is generally allowed, it may be subject to additional screening if it triggers an alarm during the screening process or poses other security concerns based on size or weight. The final decision rests with our checkpoint officers.”

It’s not really the ring light that the TSA is concerned about here. There is nothing about an LED light that the TSA considers dangerous. But any accompanying tripod stand might be too heavy and viewed as a potential weapon.

This traveler asked specifically about packing a ring light in checked luggage:

So with this extra info we can now give better answers.

Can you bring a ring light in carry-on luggage?

Yes, you can bring a ring light in carry-on bags. However the TSA officer who inspects your bag takes the final decision about what is permitted on the plane.

Your ring light won’t be a problem, but if you have a stand that is especially heavy and could be used as a bludgeon then that might be a problem.

In general, ring lights are permitted in hand luggage.

Can you bring a ring light in checked luggage?

There are no rules that prevent you from packing your ring light in checked baggage. Just remember that expensive gear can be lost, stolen, or damaged when you pack it in checked bags.

Any lithium batteries are best packed in hand luggage because of the fire risk.

Now that you’ve got your ring light past airport security will the airline let you bring it on the plane?

Airline Rules About Flying With Ring Lights

Each airline sets their own rules about luggage size allowances.

Budget airlines like Spirit or Frontier often only let you bring one small bag on the plane. If you can fit your ring light inside your bag that will be fine but don’t expect to bring it as an extra item.

On the other hand, legacy airlines like United, American Airlines, or Delta, usually have more generous carry-on luggage allowances.

For these airlines, if you have a ring light with a stand you might be able to bring it as a personal item in addition to your carry-on luggage. You’ll need to check with the individual airlines you are flying with.

A ring light with a stand will still need to fit either in the overhead bins or under the seat so ring lights with a compact design work best for air travel.

Remember that if you are flying internationally you’ll need to checked the airport security rules in the country your are visiting and the airline luggage rules of any international airline your are traveling on.

The Bottom Line

You can packed a ring light in your carry-on bag or in checked luggage. The only potential issue you should be aware of is if you ring light has a heavy stand that could be used as a weapon.

Ring lights are fine to be taken on the plane, just make sure any stand can’t be used to whack someone over the head and knock them out!

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