Can You Bring A Corkscrew Or Wine Opener On A Plane? (TSA Rules)

Last Updated on April 24, 2021

A glass of wine is great when on a vacation.

But can you take a corkscrew on a plane?

TSA Corkscrew Rules

The Transportation Security Administration screens luggage for dangerous items. Sometimes corkscrews are surrendered at the security checkpoint because the TSA officer sees them as a threat.

They have this about corkscrews on their website:

So you can pack corkscrew with a blade in checked luggage, but you cannot pack a corkscrew with a blade in carry on bags.

Just to make it very clear the TSA also has this entry.

If your corkscrew doesn’t have a blade then you can pack it in carry-on luggage.

It’s not the screw part of a wine bottle opener that the TSA is concerned about. It’s the little knife that is sometimes attached to cut the foil on the wine bottle.

This means if you shop around you can find a wine opener that the TSA will let you take on a plane.

Tsa Approved Corkscrew Wine Opener

The TSA don’t officially endorse or approve any product.

However this corkscrew and bottle opener claims to be TSA compliant. There is no blade but instead a foil cutting wheel that shouldn’t cause any problems at the airport security checkpoint.

Keep in mind that it’s always up to the individual TSA officer that you deal with what is or isn’t permitted through the checkpoint.

While a tool like this should be okay for domestic flights in the United States it might not be acceptable to other airport security teams in foreign countries.

For international flights you’ll need to go through the TSA equivalent screening process overseas on the return journey. There may be different rules and even corkscrews without blades might be confiscated.

Still Unsure? Ask The TSA

You can ask the TSA directly on Twitter if you have any further questions. Upload a photo of your wine opener and they’ll let you know if it’s compliant.

Paul asked about this corkscrew.

The TSA said that cork screw was allowed because it was without a blade.

This passenger asked about bringing a wine bottle opener on a plane.

Again the TSA said so long as they don’t contain a sharp blade or foil cutter wine bottle openers are allowed in carry-on luggage.

Elizabeth showed her corkscrew to the TSA before she turned up at airport security.

It was a smart move to ask because that type of wine opener isn’t permitted in the airplane cabin.

The only type of knife that you can bring on a plane is a rounded butter knife. If it even so much as a serrated edge it’s prohibited.

This is the reason that corkscrews with blades are not permitted on board.

Theresa had her corkscrew confiscated by the TSA even though it was stamped “TSA Approved”.

There is no such thing as “TSA approved”. It’s just marketing.

There are the TSA rules and the interpretation of the rules by the TSA staff on the ground.

Pat had his wine opener confiscated because of the foil cutter.

And Nessa’s mom lost of wine opener that had sentimental value. Which is a good reminder that even if you think something is TSA compliant it’s better to travel with things you don’t mind losing. Leave the special wine opener at home and take a generic one. That way of you lose it it won’t be so annoying.

Just in case here are 7 ways to open a wine bottle without a cork screw.

The Verdict

You can bring a wine opener on a plane in hand luggage but it shouldn’t have a blade.

In checked luggage, it doesn’t matter if corkscrews have a blade or not.

If it does have a blade make sure that the TSA screening staff can’t accidentally cut their hands. Any sharp objects should be sheathed or securely wrapped.

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