Can You Bring A Beard Trimmer In Carry On Luggage?

Last Updated on June 14, 2020

You’re going on vacation but you know you’re going to need to trim your beard sometime during the trip.

So can you bring your beard trimmer in your carry-on luggage?

Or does it need to be packed in checked luggage?

This post will keep you right.

TSA Beard Trimmer Rules

The transportation security administration is there to keep passengers safe. So they try to stop travelers from bringing weapons or potentially flammable liquids on to flights. This is why your luggage is scanned at the security checkpoint.

The TSA website doesn’t mention beard trimmers specifically but does say that electric razors and hair clippers are fine for packing in hand luggage.

To get specific beard trimmer carry on information I went and looked at the @AskTSA service on Twitter.

P B had already asked the question:

Thanks for asking us! Beard trimmers are good to go in carry-on bags.

@AskTSA on Twitter

Rosalie also asked on behalf of her boyfriend:

And she got a similar answer. You can pack a beard trimmer in your hand luggage.

Keep in mind that the TSA officer at the checkpoint always has the final say. These are just guidelines and any individual TSA officer can refuse any item.

But you are good to go, a beard trimmer is allowed in hand luggage.

Can You Pack A Rechargeable Beard Trimmer In Checked Luggage?

Lithium-ion batteries have restrictions in checked luggage. so you might wonder if your rechargeable beard trimmer is allowed in your checked bag.

Ahmed asked the TSA:

The answer is yes, you can bring a rechargeable beard trimmer in checked luggage. The internal battery is small enough that it is permitted.

The Verdict

You can pack a beard trimmer in your carry on luggage. It is not prohibited or restricted in any way.

You can also pack a beard trimmer in checked baggage if you prefer. It’s really up to you where you pack it.

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